Eco Policy


Novacrylics Engineering will engage in business practices that will generate economic growth for the company while balancing the needs of our community and impact on the environment.



1. Novalecterns commitment to full compliance with all applicable environment regulations, legislation, and licensing.


2. Ongoing efforts to quantify & manage our sustainability and reduce waste material production via active reuse, reclaim and recycling.


3. Implementation of green processes and technologies that will reduce pollution and the consumption of fossil fuels, with measured and published performance.


4. Work with our suppliers, customers and contractors for shared methods of reducing our overall environmental impact, giving due regard to product quality.


5. Foster a work culture that demands continuous improvement in Novacrylics' overall impact on the environment through employee education and awareness programs.


6. Environmental stewardship will be the responsibility of every Novacrylics' employee. It is Novacrylics' belief and commitment that we will not be profitable today at the expense of tomorrow.


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